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"Kipleigh Brown is the symbiosis of femme fatale and antihero. Yesterday Was a Lie explores the divine that hides itself in each tone between the black and white of existence."

-Ivan Maljkovic, World of Noir


"A cinematic masterpiece. One of the best films I have seen this year, if not this decade. Brown performs with grace and spirit… strong… feminine… sexy."  

-Jessica Guerrasio, Just Press Play


"Brown exudes Bacall. Boldly filmed in black and white, the Kristopher Carter musical score Kerwin deftly uses only adds to the surreal atmosphere."

-Samuel K. Sloan, Slice of SciFi


"Sultry Kipleigh Brown and Chase Masterson are extraordinarily drop-dead gorgeous women, and exceptionally gifted actors."

-Adam Daniel Mezei, Film Courage


"This ambitious film from writer/director Kerwin is a stunner, nothing less than the arrival of a major filmmaker. Masterson and Brown bring the sexy, even as their conversations conjure up some brain-busting ideas."

-Dennis Willis, KGO Radio / Flick Nation


"Smart, gutsy, and glamorous. The stunning visuals and accompanying jazz music take the film to a whole new level. Brown and Masterson are wonderful. Like no other noir or science fiction film ever made." 

-Angela Schuch, SciFi Chick


"A genuine treat that both entices and rewards on multiple levels. Worth watching simply for Brown and Masterson… these two together make seeking this movie out entirely worth it. Kerwin deserves much love and respect… Such a wonderful outing for a filmmaker that finally does take a risk in a landscape of directors who play it safe." 

-Christopher Stipp, FRED Entertainment (formerly Movie Poop Shoot)


"Where else can you see an old school film noir mystery, an extremely strong female lead (Kipleigh Brown), and explorations of quantum mechanics and the human heart? That's a rare and unique combination indeed, and in the hands of a talented writer/director and a believable cast, it's all the stronger as a result… Yesterday Was a Lie makes you think, and that's a very good thing… something we don't get in today's era of dumbed-down moviemaking. It's a shame big-budget movies aren't made like this."

-Bill Williams, TrekWeb​​​​​​​​​

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