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Social Media Reviews:  Star Trek Continues  Ep: IX 

"WHAT SHIPS ARE FOR" - written by Kipleigh Brown


  -  To watch the episode click HERE  -


"This may be the best STAR TREK TOS (The Original Series) fan-film yet! Kipleigh Brown's brilliant script perfectly captures the TOS flavor as well as being a wonderful piece of social commentary, and Vic Mignogna outdoes himself as Kirk. Bravo!"

- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author, "FlashForward"

"This is why I fell in love with Star Trek as a little boy."

- Micheal Martin Savage

"One of the best episodes of any Trek ever! Amazing! The best thing I've watched this year."

- Nicholai Simonson

"'What Ships Are For' is complete Trek perfection. You guys GET it — so amazing. Congrats!"

Dan Davison @TrekGeekDan -

"Just finished @TrekContinues Ep. 9. Can't wait to watch it AGAIN! Loved it!"

Bill Smith @TrekGeekBill -

"My heart was pounding in the last scene, and I had to wipe away a tear at the end. Magnificent!"

- Douglas Nary, Jr.

"Excellent on every level I care about. I feel like this was the best episode so far in this series. Not only worthy of network television in the 1960's or today, but is at Emmy award quality. Well done. Awesome."

Randy Compton

"I was stunned, it was so good. I am speechless."

- Tina Hunnam

"'Ships' is heavyweight-class Trek. STC has always been professionally -- and lovingly -- executed almost beyond belief, but this episode could have been one that was green-lighted by the Great Bird and produced by Gene L. Coon himself. Salient issues, cerebral dialogue, acerbic wit, unexpected flashes of deep insight... had it all, and then some."

- Nick Saturn

"One of the best Star Trek episodes I've ever watched."

- Michel Loranger

"No spoilers, but having just watched 'What Ships Are For'... my God, people. You really do give me some hope for humanity. Thank you for embodying the dream. I now know how TOS (The Original Series) would have handled the issues of OUR day..."

-Dale McKee

"Your scripting of Episode 9's teleplay is stellar! You belong among Star Trek elite writers. The episode is amazing."

- A Good Gluon  @OneQuark

"STC EP 9 was pure gold. As a Fan from the very beginning I feel confident in saying that STC has realized Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future."

- Phil Prince

"I can honestly say that Gene (Roddenberry) would have been proud to call this one of the best of his own series."

 - Scott Booth

​"Oh my God. I have just watched one of the best of anything -- not just Star Trek -- I have ever seen."

Rick Castorena

"Captured the spirit of the original series astonishingly well in every way. In awe."

- Randall Richardson

"Ep. 9 is just amazing, the story, the directing, the acting, everything."

- Eric Brunel  @EricBrunel3

"Possibly the best original series themed episode ever."

- Tim Smith

"Kipleigh Brown did a magnificent job; that episode was one of my favorites of this standout series."

- Sebastian  @sebulia1

"I'm not crying. you are. stupid allergies @TrekContinues advanced preview... wow. another home run. ya'll need to see this!"

Michael J. Medeiros  @SoriedemSTO

"I loved it as well! Well done! Great important theme but I also loved the humor and giggled out loud more than once."

Antje Strauch  @dieastra

"My finite human brain cannot comprehend all the awesomeness that is this episode."

- Clay Arden

"'What Ships Are For,' A Trek Parable for our time beautifully realized as a TOS episode."

ɿɘlʇʇiɈƧJames  @Lyve_Wire


- Doug Black

"One of the greatest Trek episodes since The Original Series."

Patrick Potter

"Simply outstanding. A triumph. This episode has the same feeling and heart as you would expect from Gene himself.  Bravo!"

- Steven 'Bill' Seabolt

"Script was so rich on so many levels! This is the most Must Watch yet."

- Lonnie Webb

"Kipleigh Brown knows how to write."

- Brad Dennison

"Just watched episode 9. The writer is genius. Very good acting too."

- Joe Horvath

"Another Home Run!!!!! Holy cow!! Can't wait to discuss!!! Honestly, just sitting here blown away!!! True Star Trek - true to vision!!!!!!!!"

Mia Shapiro

"Episode 9 is the best of this series, and what a nice surprise to see @johndelancie in Star Trek again!"

- Rebecca Skipper  @skipper8210 ‏

"Wow! 'What Ships Are For' is so wonderful. True to the original Star Trek that Gene created."

Steve Bashore  @steveb6903

"@TrekContinues Just finished Backers' Preview. Gene Roddenberry would've been proud. The guest stars and regular cast were perfect."

Raissa Devereux‏  @RaissaDevereux 


"Wonderful storytelling. Wonderful message"

Starfleetmom  @starfleetmom 

"This was by far the best episode of the series. 'What Ships are For' was simply brilliant and it evoked the original series in every way."

- Bruce Kanin

"Kipleigh Brown I want to congratulate you re: 'What Ships Are For'. IMO the BEST of all @TrekContinues episodes!"

Vince 22‏  @VinceGagliardi 

"One of the best Trek stories I have ever seen, and beautifully acted."

- Einar Sigurðsson

"@TrekContinues really knocked it out of the park with their newest episode! Pure Trek. Happy to been able to see the donor preview."

Scott Kardel‏  @palomarskies 

"Just saw Ep 9, 5 stars..."

jeffryforbes  @Camelotrising

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