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"YESTERDAY WAS A LIE" - 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition

On November 12, 2019  IndiPix Films will release a remastered 10th Anniversary edition of  Yesterday Was a Lie  (available on multiple platforms, including Blu-ray)!  Kipleigh plays the leading role in Yesterday Was a Lie which is an award-winning sci-fi noir film from writer/director James Kerwin. The film also stars Chase Masterson of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Peter Mayhew who portrayed Chewbacca in the Star Wars. Learn more about the film at, and stay updated on Twitter @yesterdatwasalie

To see a 10th Anniversary promo video with Kipleigh and James Kerwin click on your preference: YouTube or Vimeo

Join me as Captain Kuumaarke on a Trek-tastic new mission with Paul Stamets: "Beneath the Skin" in Star Trek Online's new season AWAKENING!


Star Trek Continues has finally completed the 5 year mission which boldly began so many years ago. Kipleigh is honored to have had the chance to be a part of this award-winning web series, both as her character "Lt. Barbara Smith" and as the writer of Star Trek Continues' 9th episode: "What Ships Are For." 

If you'd like to watch the Star Trek Continues two-part finale: "To Boldly Go: Part I" & "To Boldly Go: Part II" (or any other STC episode) visit and click on the Episodes tab.


The Star Trek Continues episode "What Ships Are For" (written by Kipleigh) was awarded the Best New Media Award at 2017's Burbank International Film Festival. "What Ships Are For" is the 9th episode of this multi-award-winning web seriesin which Kipleigh also plays the role of Lt. Barbara Smith.

To watch "What Ships Are For," click: HERE

To read reviews of "What Ships Are For," click: HERE

For more information about this episode see the "STC Ep9: WHAT SHIPS ARE FOR" announcement on the next page..


Click on the image to the left to see this 5-minute standalone sci-fi short starring Kipleigh as "Fabry" and Chase Masterson as "Sulla." R.U.R.: Genesis is a proof-of-concept "teaser" for the eventual feature-length film R.U.R. set in a stylish retro-futuristic world where "artificial" people have been created to serve humankind. The feature script is based the original play R.U.R. written by Karel Čapek in 1919. Čapek's play went on to serve as the inspiration for Metropolis and Blade Runner, and is responsible for introducing the word "robot" into the English language. In a provocative, action-packed plot, the feature-length R.U.R. will explore the social and moral ramifications of an artificial race, as well as the nature of the soul, love, and life itself. Paradise has a price… For more information visit:


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