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Click on the image to the left to see this 5-minute standalone sci-fi short starring Kipleigh as "Fabry" and Chase Masterson as "Sulla." R.U.R.: Genesis is a proof-of-concept "teaser" for the eventual feature-length film R.U.R. set in a stylish retro-futuristic world where "artificial" people have been created to serve humankind. The feature script is based the original play R.U.R. written by Karel Čapek in 1919. Čapek's play went on to serve as the inspiration for Metropolis and Blade Runner, and is responsible for introducing the word "robot" into the English language. In a provocative, action-packed plot, the feature-length R.U.R. will explore the social and moral ramifications of an artificial race, as well as the nature of the soul, love, and life itself. Paradise has a price… For more information visit:

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