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Kipleigh’s Current & Upcoming Projects, Shows & Appearances: 

Let’s frolic in THE DORK FOREST! Click to hear Kipleigh’s “dork on dork dialogue” with mega-awesome comedienne Jackie Kashian.



Comikaze 2014COMIKAZE EXPO 2014 Join Kipleigh at 12:00 noon, Saturday Nov. 1st for a special screening of her latest episode of the Geekie-Award-Winning web series Star Trek Continues hosted by Chris Gore & followed by a panel discussion. After that Kipleigh will sign autographs at Booth 1609 for the rest of Saturday, as well as Sunday, Nov. 2nd from 10am to  4pm. 

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TOP STORY! WEEKLY - Take a wild sketch comedy romp thru the headlines with a new show every week! Sundays at 8:00 pm at the iO West in Hollywood - 6366 Hollywood Blvd. (between Ivar & Cahuenga- 323-962-7560 Full Bar & Valet Parking Available  -Top Story! Weekly is one of the best comedic finds in Los Angeles…Kipleigh Brown poetically slaps the faces of any critic that says that women ain’t funny.” -Mirage Thames, Examiner (Read full article)

Star Trek ContinuesFAIREST OF THEM ALL - Kipleigh recently played a guest role in Episode 3 of Star Trek Continues, “Fairest of Them All.” Released Sunday, June 15. Click here to watch the full episode now! 

Check out episode 2 of the  WIRED.COM series on the WIRED.commaking  of STC: “Fairest of Them All” featuring an interview with Kipleigh. 


 RUR_GenesisRUR: GENESIS -Ya’ll can see this 5 minute “teaser” short film at www.rurfilm.com.  Kipleigh plays “Fabry” in  R.U.R: Genesis  which is  a standalone sci-fi short film and also serves as a “teaser” for the eventual feature length film, R.U.R., to be shot in the near future.   It is set in a stylish retro-futuristic world where “artificial” people have been created to serve human-kind. The feature-length screenplay, R.U.R., is based on the original play written in 1920 by Karel Capek, which was the inspiration for Metropolis and Blade Runner.  In a provocative, action-packed plot, the feature film will explore the social and moral ramifications of an artificial race and the nature of the soul, love and life itself.  Paradise Has a Price…    Also check out the TrekWeb Article 

The Nerd Show Online Click here to release your inner nerd! Listen to Kipleigh’s April 6th interview on The Nerd Show.


Oh…you wanna know more about Kipleigh?  SERIOUSLY?  Okay!  Kipleigh’s interests include: listing her interests, robot cats, and relaxing evenings spent outdoors staring at your home. She is originally from Chicago & studied at Second City, The Steppenwolf Theatre and Illinois School for the Arts.  She has performed in numerous theatrical productions in Chicago and LA.  Kipleigh played Jane Taylor on Star Trek: Enterprise, and played the lead in Entertainment One’s feature film, Yesterday Was a Liean acclaimed, award winning science fiction film noir, for which she was selected as one of the “Hot Leading Ladies” of film by Film Fetish and named “Best Actress” in a science fantasy feature by Shockerfest International Film Festival.  Other film and television credits include: Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, ABC’s The Magic Door, Relative Strangers starring Danny DeVito, and Designan official selection of the Sundance Film Festival. Of course you’ve seen Kipleigh in (insert your favorite show or movie) in which Kipleigh played (insert your favorite character). It may not look like her, but like any great actor, she is a chameleon.

In addition to dramatic/straight acting, Kipleigh performs character based stand-up comedy and has played at many Los Angeles establishments, as well as The Laughing Skull in Atlanta and Zanies in Chicago.

As mentioned above, Kipleigh performs in Top Story! Weekly at the iO West Theatre in Hollywood. Top Story! Weekly presents a brand new show each week based on news and current events. The Los Angeles Times says “Catch it before ‘Saturday Night Live’ cannibalizes the cast!”  3 Time Critic’s Pick and “Red-hot weekly satire!” says LA Citybeat. Kipleigh is a bit concerned about the cannibal thing.

Kipleigh’s sister, Alisa Steady, is a brilliant artist and illustrator.  Kipleigh hopes  you will treat yourself to a luscious banquet for the eyes by clicking:  HERE.

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